50 Lions Aristocrat Pokies – Better Online or at the Pub?

It’s a good idea to get familiar with the 50 Lions Aristocrat pokies as it is one of the familiar games you’ll see in any casino in the world. Believe it or not, there actually is something to being comfortable and accustomed to a particular game. For one, you’ll know what you’re playing for and not get excited about what amounts to be a ‘9’. Another reason for getting quaint with the gameplay is so you can sort of pick up on a rhythm to determine if he pokie is hot, cold, glitching, etc.

The 50 Lions Aristocrat pokies kind of has it all. There are actually lions of course but they don’t necessarily trigger the ‘main’ bonus. Instead you want to line up the lions in the first column to start a ‘surge’ screen kind of like the Zeus games. If you can get more lions across the screen with your 3 bonus respins you’ll be looking at a pretty significant win that is no cat food.

The reason the 50 Lions slot game from Aristocrat Leisure has become an international sensation is because there are just so many ways to win. Besides the lion respin feature, you can get into a whole different bonus by capturing 3 wild flowers across the screen. Beyond that, there is even diamond symbols that serve as wild/scatter features. With all these options to win, on any given spin you really have the potential to show your roar.

Where to Play 50 Lions Aristocrat Pokies

If the idea of being able to play Aristocrat Pokies online for free is appealing then read on, because thanks to Facebook and Aristocrat themselves – now you can…. Play aristocrat pokies that is

So we’ve determined that getting familiar with pokies is good. How do you do that, by pumping in dollar after dollar for a ‘learning experience?’ That’s a possibility, but so is playing 50 Lions Aristocrat pokies for free online. The online version of some of the most recognized slots in the world is easily the best way to gain experience.

Of course, once you’ve honed your skills and buddy-buddy rapport with the 50 Lions Aristocrat pokies you can always head to the pub or casino to play them for real money. To be honest though, there’s really no reason you have to leave your home. The free online 50 Lions Aristocrat pokies are also available in real money versions. In many ways, playing online is superior to the pub. For one, you can partake anywhere there is an Internet connection and the virtual casino is open 24 hours a day. Beyond that, the payouts are actually better in online versions of the pokies.

Best Mobile [Phone] Casinos for Aussie Punters

As technology and online gambling meet we find ourselves on a crossroad of gameplay and mobility – and thanks to the mobile software platforms of some of the best manufacturers like Microgaming making sure their state of the art online casino software is translated onto the mobile phone you can rest assured the future of online gambling and playing mobile casino games is in good hands. But which hand is the better choice when it comes to playing pokies on your mobile and enjoying the latest and greatest free and real money pokies and casino games from the comfort of your smart phone or mobile device. Mobile pokies and smart phone casino games are the future it seems – but are you ready to keep up? Let’s explore the up and coming world of Mobile Casinos and phone pokies some more…


Android is not just one specific phone, but it is the inclusive name of Google’s mobile operating system. It is currently the most popular operating system in the world and it is in use in a few of the most popular mobile devices across the globe. It is also the main driving force behind some of the most popular tablets in the world. You can play some of the most popular casino games and online pokies on your mobile through the Android operating system and because it is not as restricted as Apple it is actually the more popular choice with a much larger variety of casino games and online pokies to choose from.

Playing mobile casino games on your iPhone or iPad and therefore using the Apple iOS operating system you will find things a little more restrictive in what you can and cannot do/access


While Apple does not have the great global market share that Android does anymore, they do have amazing customer satisfaction that is the highest in the mobile industry. One of the drawbacks that Apple has is that it is rather protective of its software. Android is far more inviting to third-party developers. Each product created by a software developer is going to be vetted by Apple itself. For those who are playing in grey markets (which includes the United States for example) it often means these online casino software options are not going to run on their Apple device without jailbreaking.

Fortunately for Aussies, Australis does have legalized options, which means that many of the online casinos are going to work directly on Apple’s mobile iOS software. A number of the better options for Aussies do have their own version of a casino app.

The Verdict

The truth is that most online casinos are going to give Aussies a rewarding experience, regardless of whether you play with an Android device or an Apple device. It does not matter whether you play on Android, Apple, your tablet or your computer – you are able to enjoy fun games anywhere you want. Both different operating systems have a number of different benefits. There is no clear winner, except for the Aussie gambling public. Learn more by visiting the home of Online Pokies in Australia – OnlinePokies.com.au

How to Play Online Bingo

Anyone with a laptop, smart phone, tablet or television will already know that online bingo is one of the most popular games and industries at the moment with numerous established and brand new companies offering players the chance to win significant sums of money just by playing a bit of bingo from the comfort of their own homes.

As someone who has been attracted by all of the adverts and mentions of online bingo, choosing a site to play on and learning how to do it all can be quite difficult. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages and a ‘traditionalist’ might be unsure how the online game would differ to the one they play – or played – regularly in a bingo hall with a dauber and a card. Continue reading How to Play Online Bingo

south african onlnie bingo pays

Ireland’s biggest bookmaking company brings you majestic slots. It provides players with the option of 90, 80, and 75 ball bingo games. There is also the option of speed bingo as well as other popular side games. The comprehensive “Getting Started Guide” will help even the newest of newbies go through the registration process, funding their account, and help with how to play the games. Players can also choose to view an animated tutorial that walks them through majestic slots and how to play the games.

No matter what room a player chooses to play in they’ll find that the features are simple and easy to use. The chat games are hosted in the main lobby and the chat window is a good size. You can easily customise your gaming experience with the originality of the game formats and there are loads of extra bonuses and prizes that can be won.

Bingo is not the only game that you can play when you register your majestic slots. The site offers slots, sports and lives betting, poker, Vegas, mobile games and scratch card games.

Paddy Bingo offers some great promotions also. New players get a £20 bonus when they load £5 and new players will also get some free play. That’s a 400% match bonus! Players should not expect to earn bonuses on subsequent deposits unless there is a promotion that has been previously advertised. There are also penny bingo games and a rewards program. Players can enjoy guaranteed jackpot games, 1TG & 2TG bingo games, and a lot of other regularly updated promotions.

majestic slots offers a mobile app to Android and OS users so that players can play anywhere. Through the app, players can play real money bingo and slot games. For players that want to play Deal or No Deal Bingo there is a separate app.

Once you win big, you will need a minimum of £10 to withdraw your funds and it usually takes about 48 hours to process a withdrawal. The wagering requirement is based on the player’s first deposit and the player should play through the deposit and bonus once before requesting a withdrawal of funds.

Overall majestic slots graphics are easy on the eyes, the menus are easy to navigate, and it offers a wide range of games, promotions and specials. majestic slots also offers a great social atmosphere without having to leave home. The chat moderators keep the rooms engaging with their daily quizzes.

The different features of South Africa Online Casino

Is it important for you to gamble will you happening to be in South Africa. The sun, the sand and the surf shall be more or less adequate for you to enjoy your life in South Africa. For most people that would like to get into the South Africa online gambling, they have found that it is a good way for them to spend a lot of money, and also get money in return. It could also benefit the state as a whole, as South Africa is definitely going to get a lot of revenue that shall be generated from such kind of online income. To a lot of people understanding the need to gamble, it has become important for them to take the help of the gambling scene located within the South Africa online gambling. These are just some of the main things that you got to realize about casinos located on the Internet, and the different kinds of features that they provide that shall not be at par with the different casino names that you can actually find in South Africa. There are people that prefer to undertake the help of Florida online gambling in order to make a lot of money within the stipulated period of time. Continue reading The different features of South Africa Online Casino

No Slots for Tots – Campaign against social casino games

No Slots for Tots’, that’s the name of a campaign that has been setup at www.noslotsfortots.org. The focus of the campaigners is their objection to a certain sort of game which they feel should not be accessible to children.

The genres of the games in question are those that fall into the category of ‘social casino games’. Effectively these often take the shape of games which look like slots and play like slots. The reason these cause such a stir is the fact that they’re available to players who would be too young to play traditional casino games, because in the UK the 18 years of age restriction applies.

Before we look into the argument of the critics, lets take a look at what these games actually are. Firstly they exist on many modern, highly accessible platforms such as social networks, app stores and regular websites. The actual games themselves, as mentioned before, generally take the form of what are generally thought of as slots machines. The crucial point however is that these games do not accept money to wager and therefore are not classed as gambling, don’t be fooled though, these games are highly profitable, but the creators have been pretty inventive about where the money comes from.

If you’ve ever played Farmville of Candy Crush you’ll have probably got to a point where in order to proceed or access a certain feature you’ve been asked to purchase some app credits. This is precisely the same way that these social casino games make their money, and they make lots of it too, £1.9BN in 2014, according to Free Bingo Land.

Now lets turn to where the criticisms lay, those who are against the concept tend to be parents who fear that their kids will develop a taste for the games and in turn acquire a taste for slots machines. It’s pretty obvious that the concern thereafter is that these children will pursue actual gambling machines and then launch onto a slippery slope.

In the UK, the criticism of these games has reached a wide audience thanks to coverage in national newspapers. The developers behind these games have been quick to present a defence. One of the main lines of defence, which came from The International Social games Association, is that only ‘a tiny proportion’ of players are under the age of 18, qualifying that point by stating that only 0.15% of players fall between the ages of 11-18.

What happens going forward is going to be interesting to see, predictably there are some huge names who seem intent on securing themselves a slice of this emerging market, Bwin Party, for example have a ‘$50m investment’ plan for Social Gaming, according to a news story in Bloomberg.

So far there has been no mention of these games receiving any special regulation, whether or not that continues to be the case could depend on how loud the voice of the opposition is and the strength of their argument on what is surely going to continue to be an emotive issue.

Get free casino games

When you think of free casino games, what usually comes to mind? Is there any casinos that can be played or viewed without having to pay for them for you to play them? The answer is yes. Free casino games are free for anyone to play via the Internet without having to download software or even install them. This simply means that you need to visit the site where the games are stored, play casino online for fun, learn to play and learn with these free instructions and ideas behind a successful player testing. If you wanted to be a successful player, it could be a great chance for you to use free casino games.

There are a variety of functionality that comes with such free casino games, free video slots, classic slot machines free games, free society, free video poker and table games free. It is designed to require the idea of ​​you choosing from a variety of features that you would need for you to fill satisfied even if the fact is that there is no gain in the free casino games.

This is the best time for those who are new to the game or young players because they have the opportunity to learn and sharpen their minds on how to play because the latest casino bonuses presents wildest selection casino games online in a platform and in one place. If we look at the fact that you have to do is select the game of your choice and play for fun, without having to invest money or to download, then this is something impressive in the field of casino game. Free casino games are powered by and spotted some specific companies, but not all companies allow free games on their site. Some examples of these companies is the Net Entertainment and Playtech among many others. They offer only free casino games that can provide you the high quality on the market. It is no longer necessary to go through a variety of free casino games casinos in different categories and different software, because with our easy-to-use classification system, free casino games have become readily available, allowing you to have any the fun you want without registration or spending a single penny. And just wait ’till you take a look at all the games shown on this page! All you have to do is to find companies that allow free casino games and literally find every type of game that appears in the industry.

In conclusion, the best way to learn to learn the casino games and related techniques to win in casino clubs, all you have to do is to find free casino games online and try to sharpen your mind using the techniques learned from access free casino games online. This is the best approach.

Getting Reviews on the Top Online Casinos

It is important to identify the Top Online Casino that you can trust and invest your gambling money confidently. It is not hard to find such casinos but the process of selection is what matters. All you need to do is to get the Best Online Casino Reviews that are truthful from customers. Nowadays any online casino can get “customers in disguise” to recommend them for their “good work”. There are simple factors that you need to consider when checking out a Top Online Casino with best reviews. This article will show you all you need to know:

Be Keen on the Design of the Online Casino Website

How accurate can you judge a genuine Top online Casino? In order to get the Best Online Casino Reviews, it is important to check the site of that particular online casino. Look at the way information is presented, check the pictures and images used, check the language and tone used on the site. Ask yourself how much you think the online Casino spent in creating the website. You might be confused to choose the Casino you want from the Top Online Casinos, but this method will easily help you work out your choice. Most of the Best Online Casino Reviews would have found in the top casinos with good welcoming websites.

Check the existing Bonuses in the Online Casino

You will only find the Best Online Casino Reviews in online casinos that have truly existing bonuses and promotions. Remember it is not just a matter of the bonuses and promotions they offer, but also the quality of those offers. Most of the Top Online Casinos have good bonuses and gifts that really attract customers. If these bonuses and prizes are given out indiscriminately, then there will be good reviews provided by the customers. Most of the Top Online Casinos also offer bonuses to their customers frequently, like daily or weekly. Such offers can tell that the online casino you are reviewing is good.

Check out the Payout rates of the Company

It is important to analyze the payout rates of the casino you are yet to join. Most of the Best Online Casino Reviews will definitely provide the payout rates of the casino in question. Looking at the payout rates will enable you know whether you are bound to make profit or losses in the online casino games. Most of the Top Online Casinos have high payout rates. This could range from 94% to 98%. When customers provide payout reviews that are recommending the company, then you might just consider such an online casino.

The genuine reviews on the best casinos can only be found in the top online casinos. If you go to fake sites where reviews are offered by hired crews then you might just end up choosing a wrong online casino. Always consider the top online casinos through the online recommendations and the associated game manufacturers. These sites have good reviews from genuine customers. Always be aware of cones.