How to Play Online Bingo

Anyone with a laptop, smart phone, tablet or television will already know that online bingo is one of the most popular games and industries at the moment with numerous established and brand new companies offering players the chance to win significant sums of money just by playing a bit of bingo from the comfort of their own homes.

As someone who has been attracted by all of the adverts and mentions of online bingo, choosing a site to play on and learning how to do it all can be quite difficult. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages and a ‘traditionalist’ might be unsure how the online game would differ to the one they play – or played – regularly in a bingo hall with a dauber and a card.

If you are new to the online bingo world then the best place for you to start is with a bingo review site rather than an actual gaming platform itself. These websites analyse the various different bingo playing sites and take into account a number of different factors such as the all-round user experience, the design of the site and some of the offers available to players both new and those who play regularly so that you get a rating, usually out of five stars, and you can instantly avoid those which receive poor reviews.

From here you can choose the site that you like the sound of, either because of the rating as a whole or an individual aspect, like the range of games available or maybe you just like the name! It’s the over to you to register an account. Many sites require users to deposit some money into an account to play with, others let you play for free initially but you may not be able to actually win any cash prizes. Either way a lot of online bingo sites give users free money to play with as a ‘thank you’ for registering with them and not one of their rivals and this is a great place to start playing from so that you’re not actually using up your own cash while learning the game.

They start with an online pop-up or specific page with an online bingo card on, designed according to the theme of the site as a whole or a particular game, and this is the main difference between online and traditional bingo – you can’t really mark your card over the web, we’ve not come that far in terms of what you can do online just yet!

There will then be a series of instructions and how-to diagrams on the page telling you how you win that particular game, along with a chat feature and your current bank account showing how much you have to play with or – hopefully – how much you’ve won.

When the numbers are called out by the site, you mark them off on your card by clicking your mouse on the corresponding number on your bingo card and the site will automatically recognise when you have won or you have to click on the ‘bingo’ button depending on your chosen site of course, stopping the game just like it would happen in a hall with an assistant checking your card.

The money is then moved into your online account for you to put to further use in more casino majestic slot games, or to withdraw into your personal bank account to spend on treats or paying your bills, however you want to use your winnings is up to you.